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Water Glades T300

5510 N. Ocean Drive, Singer Island, FL 33404

Water Glades Tower 300

Fellow Residents of Water Glades Tower 300

The maintenance committee held a kickoff meeting with TKE Elevators for the modernization of our elevators on March 1, 2023. During the meeting, we settled on preliminary starting dates for the work. During the week of March 27, TKE will mobilize by moving their equipment trailer from the far north side of Water Glades to the service area of our building. They will also begin setup work inside the building that week.

We can expect TKE to take down one elevator starting the week of April 3. Since we will only have one elevator in service after that date, it is imperative that residents consolidate elevator trips as much as possible.

On April 11, we will have a crane in place to deliver components to our rooftop. At that time, work on the elevators will begin in earnest.

Our goal, and the goal of TKE Elevator, is to complete the project by December 15, 2023 at the latest. The expectation is that the first elevator will be completed within 16 to 18 weeks after delivery of the components or about August 15, 2023. The second elevator should take 12 - 14 weeks. If those expectations are met, the work will be complete around November 15, 2023. This leaves 4 weeks slippage time for TKE to meet the December 15, 2023 date.

TKE's work schedule will be from 6am to 4pm Monday through Thursday. There will be 2 workers onsite every day with additional specialty contractors as required. The workers will be allowed to use the lobby bathroom and will ensure all work spaces will be cleaned daily.

Your Board of Directors will provide a bi-weekly update on the progress of the work. We understand the occasional inconvenience having only one elevator in service will entail. Please be patient as we bring our elevators into the 21st century.


To minimize the inconvenience of having only one elevator, the maintenance committee has proposed the following rules for the use of the elevator while under construction:

1. Any delivery requiring more than one lock-out trip on the elevator must be scheduled between 10pm and 6am Mondays through Thursdays. This would include move-ins and move-outs and deliveries of whole rooms of furniture. The unit owner must hire one of Water Glades maintenance staff to supervise the use of the elevator to ensure residents take priority over the lock-out.

2. Deliveries requiring a single lock-out must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance so we can make sure the lock-out is handled as efficiently as possible. Examples of a delivery that might require a single lock-out are refrigerators, stoves, mattresses, or a living room couch.

3. Please do not push both the UP and DOWN buttons of the elevator hoping to catch a ride up before you go down. That will slow the elevator by requiring it to stop on your floor twice.

Water Glades is a beautiful community located on the east side of A1A right on the Atlantic Ocean on Singer Island.

With an amazing view of the water from every unit we are a beach goers paradise, and each home is just short drive to the airport, shopping and fine dining of Palm Beach Gardens!

Water Glades sets the benchmark for resort style luxury living in South Florida with its truly spectacular panoramic water vistas and high-class amenities.

At Water Glades we feature our own gym, pool, clubhouse, patio grill and beach front access open to all residents year round.